Support our Next Generation 112 Interoperability Testing Efforts!

Those who have followed the work in the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) know that we have been trying to initiate interoperability testing events for some time now. Testing implementations of the next generation protocols developed by various major standardization organizations (e.g., IETF, 3GPP, IEEE, OMA, NENA, ETSI, and EENA) will help us to detect bugs in open source libraries and commercial software, to foster information exchange between equipment vendors and infrastructure providers along the entire emergency services value chain, to reveal gaps in protocol specifications, and will also help the wider eco-system to gain more confidence in the reliability, security, and stability of the next generation emergency services system. Ultimately, we all will benefit from a working emergency services infrastructure.

Organizing interoperability events does, however, require resources for preparing the test specifications, for arranging the face-to-face interop events itself (e.g., cost for renting rooms and network infrastructure, travel support for participants), for marketing and outreach, and for conveying results back to various organizations.

To provide a platform for these interoperability testing events we need your help: with your support we would like to convince the European Commission to consider supporting the call for such a testing program.

Download the EENA support letter or view it here:

Please indicate your support via this website or by sending a mail to Hannes Tschofenig and/or to Jerome Paris

Your support is crucial: if you support such a testing programme, could you please respond at latest by Tuesday, June 4th indicating “I support this paper”.

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